Thursday, January 29, 2009


The struggle with food continues as I just started shoveling food mindless into my mouth 3/4 the way through a nice healthy meal.

Started out with:
2 big bowls of salad w/lite sodium soy sauce & Sriracha
1/2 hamburger on bun w/grilled onions @ Sriracha

then I had 6 or 7 little homemade french fries...

then 6 or 7 more...

then the last 15-20.

Then ate 2 more hamburgers on buns with lite mayo and Sriracha.

Dammit, such a good day, great workout, etc, until that point. Not a binge (wanted to eat another 3-4 hamburgers, and could have, then scour the house for other fatty, or sweet shiot, but stopped myself), but still not good.

Well, guess its time to really start working on being mindful when I eat which I haven't really even started to do. I eat my lunch and breakfast while mindlessly surfing the net or watching tv on my comp every day. Tonight is a reminder that I need to do more than be mindful BEFORE I eat, but WHILE I eat too.

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